lucy flores

Flores, who served in the Nevada legislature, accused former Vice President Joe Biden of unwanted touching.
“We can’t just put everyone aside,” she said.
The activist broke down what was wrong with the former vice president's response to allegations he subjected several women to unwanted touching.
Joking about non-consensual touching and not apologizing is a Trump move, not that of a man who claims to respect women.
Former Vice President Joe Biden has responded to allegations of inappropriate touching in a new video online.
The former vice president said he'd be "more mindful" but stopped short of apologizing to Lucy Flores and other accusers.
The former VP may have good intentions in his interactions with women, but that doesn't excuse potentially harmful behavior. Benevolent sexism can help us understand both of these things.
The president mocked Biden and pointed to his own history of alleged sexual harassment and assault.
"You’re eating your young. You’re eating those who can beat Trump," the "Morning Joe" co-host said.