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Turns out, Lefebvre is making good on his promise. A week before the episode aired, Lefebvre called Everett to tell her he
Renee Everett appears before the judges on The Taste.
Part The Voice and part American Idol, The Taste pits home chefs against top chefs in a competition not about presentation or flair but, well, the actual taste of the dish.
It was a bit surreal to find myself standing with Ludo Lefebvre, a top chef, and have him ask me to separate dozens and dozens for a multi-course dinner for 80 people.
Check out photos from the LudoBites.TEN dinner. Story continues below. It's not the final LudoBites ever, said wife and business
The celebrated chef is dishing out his greatest LudoBites hits one last time for fans with the opening of LudoBites.TEN! Good
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The family-owned Casa Pulido, located in Redondo Beach, is near "the Lefebvre's home in Manhattan Beach," according to kevinEats
Celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre is settling down. Well, sort of. Lefebvre and his wife, Krissy, have just finished filming their
Via Grub Street LA: Don't fall for his sexy smile and French-accented charm. LA's King of Pop-Ups is shown in the preview
Celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre and his wife, Krissy, popped-up shop Wednesday night at Redondo Beach restaurant Casa Pulido