24 months of inactivity on Southwest You may call it spending beyond our means, but I recognize it for what it is: the disappearance
New, satellite-based Wi-Fi could change how you fly.
The close encounter came at an altitude of 5,000 feet on Friday afternoon.
If managing risk were based solely--or even primarily--on past data and experience, and if risk managers and decision makers were unable to adapt to the underlying conditions that define risk, the game would be over before it began.
Luxury-minded travelers will already know the Rimowa name; easily identified by its "grooved" outer housing, the company is one of the most reputable luggage manufacturers on the market. But unlike it's competitors, this is one old kid (est. 1937) on the block embracing all things new.
You'd better make alternate plans.
A Lufthansa plane approaching Warsaw's international airport nearly collided with what appeared to be a drone, the first ever such incident for the German airline, officials said Tuesday.
How will Expedia, Priceline and other online travel agencies and meta search sites react? Will we see them pull Lufthansa's fares from their search engines, as has happened in past tussles between, for example, American and Orbitz?
They are loaded with luxurious add-ons and bespoke services, brimming with champagne and caviar. But most of all, they have a great big whopping price tag to match.
France's air accident investigation agency released an interim report that explains Andreas Lubitz unexpectedly reduced flight altitude for several minutes on another flight the same day of the fatal crash.
Lufthansa may yet, as it has signaled, release all the relevant documents, admit it's own responsibility, and pay generous compensation to the families of the victims. But if history is any guide this will not happen without a fight for full disclosure of the facts surrounding this horrific event.