luiz inacio lula da silva

Far-right Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro has presided over record deforestation of the Amazon. As his reelection campaign begins, the fate of a critical global ecosystem is on the ballot.
Indigenous leaders, journalists, scientists, doctors and other critics have faced increasing threats from the far-right president’s government in recent months.
What happens when the head of a massive corruption fight turns out to be a little crooked himself?
Investors are embracing an extremist who poses a threat to the world's fourth-largest democracy — just to keep the left out of power.
The decision is a major blow to the plans of the former president to run again this year.
Luiz Inácio da Silva, the former Brazilian president seeking that office again, is appealing corruption charges his lawyer says are political persecution.
Lula da Silva and his Workers’ Party are an affront to the country’s traditional elite — which is itself mired in corruption — so they want to destroy him by any means necessary.
By Terry L. McCoy, University of Florida Brazilians watched along with the rest of the world as one of the country’s leading
The conviction of former President Lula da Silva is a reminder that Brazil's crisis -- which could even lead to a Brazilian Trump -- has global implications.
Lula was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison. He will appeal the conviction.