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Lululemon's warehouse sale features new deals dropping every day during a five-day promotion.
The athletic apparel brand said the offensive shirt wasn't its product and the executive who promoted it on Instagram is "no longer an employee."
There are plenty of other companies making stylish and functional yoga gear.
All of you Faithful Shoppers take shopping very seriously. There is nothing more satisfying then finding that perfect something with the perfect pedigree and... gasp... reduced in price! Here are some of my favorite haunts to find all that is haute at a delightful discount.
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In the meantime, the CPSC suggests that customers who own the drawstring tops should stop wearing them, remove the draw cord
But a mob flocked to Lululemon's official blog after the announcement, lighting up the comments section with objections to
12. You consider the "run club" and yoga class offered by your local store as a source of exercise and a support group. 5
On a net basis, profit in the fiscal first quarter ended May 4, fell to $19 million, or 13 cents per share, down from $47.3
With all the the talk about Lululemon's "dumpy" new CEO Laurent Potdevin at the helm of the fitness conscious company, it only seems fitting to explore the brand's highly contoured and often copycatted clothing -- and what's made it the most sought after non-athletic, athletic apparel.