lululemon plus size

"Frankly some women's bodies just don't actually work for [the pants]," he said. "It's really about the rubbing through the
I thought about how unfair women's sizes are to men's sizes. I do not wear anything that is considered a large. No one makes comments about my size anymore. I have not ripped or gone through a pair of pants in years. Yet if I was a women I would have to shop at "plus-size" stores.
Lululemon Athletica, the retailer famous for its $98 yoga pants and other athletic wear, explained this week that it doesn't offer plus-size clothing because focusing on sizes 12 and below is an integral part of its business strategy -- one that is based on a "design, capacity and operational perspective."
"We agree that a beautiful healthy life is not measured by the size you wear. We want to be excellent at what we do, so this
For me, health means strength. Health means trying each day to treat my body well. That kind of health goes beyond just diet and exercise. It comes in a variety of sizes. And if you don't carry that size in your store, I'm happy to take my money elsewhere.
But this evolution has unfolded too slowly to satisfy many consumer advocates, who have lately targeted Lululemon in a campaign