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In the meantime, the CPSC suggests that customers who own the drawstring tops should stop wearing them, remove the draw cord
The high-end yoga-wear retailer has had a pretty miserable year, starting in March when the company was forced to recall
"I think any time there's negative PR for a company, there's an impact on the business," said Currie. "I'm not saying we
Wilson blamed the pants' problems on women's bodies, sparking outrage from consumers. The yoga-wear retailer is both alienating
Lululemon Athletica Inc has been hit with a U.S. lawsuit accusing it of defrauding shareholders by hiding defects in yoga pants whose sheerness led to a costly recall, and concealing talks that led to the sudden departure of its chief executive.
It seeks class-action status for shareholders between March 21, when full-year results were announced, and June 10. It is
The sheer pants debacle forced the performance-wear retailer to recall a batch of the garments that it deemed too see-through
Under Day, Lululemon forged fanatical brand loyalty by using a "scarcity model," keeping certain items rare in order to maintain
Yoga-clothing maker Lululemon was forced to recall its popular black yoga pants from stores after a number of customers complained the pants' fabric was too sheer. Here to discuss is HuffPost Business Reporter Caroline Fairchild.