lunar eclipse 2013

Skywatchers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East may get the best view of tonight's lunar eclipse, but viewers everywhere
Unlike total eclipses, in which Earth's umbra -- the central region of its shadow -- darkens the moon entirely, a penumbral
You can watch the lunar eclipse webcast on courtesy of the Slooh Space Camera. The event comes on the heels of
"It's only more recently that I've become a fan of lunar eclipses because they're beautiful in their own right," solar scientist
Next month, on May 25, the moon pass between the Earth and sun to create an annular, or "ring of fire" solar eclipse. That
The 'pink' full moon will come on Thursday, April 25th 2013.
A bit of an eclipse Oh — and have a happy! Beginning at 2:04 p.m. EDT (1804 GMT), the moon begins to meet the Earth's shadow