lunar reconnaissance orbiter

The far side contains craters of all sizes, as well as what NASA says is "one of the largest and oldest impact features in
LRO should make it through the eclipse just fine, Petro added. "The spacecraft will be going straight from the moon's shadow
You're probably used to looking up and seeing "the man in the moon" -- but what does our lovely satellite look like from
A second value has to do with protecting "heritage" sites, especially if the teams participating in the Google Lunar X Prize
The moon has a new hole on its surface thanks to a boulder that slammed into it in March, creating the biggest explosion scientists have seen on the moon since they started monitoring it.
NASA's lunar monitoring program has detected hundreds of meteoroid impacts. The brightest, detected on March 17, 2013, in
The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer is slated to launch toward the moon later this year and will focus on
"There's no doubt that the biggest adrenaline rush was the launch. There's nothing like launching your own rocket."
Back in September, when I went to hear Dr. Charles Elachi speak, I ran into Maria Zuber, the top scientist on the GRAIL mission, and asked her if it would be possible to meet up and do an interview.
How did the 'man in the moon' take shape? A new NASA video on lunar evolution explains the process, from the moon's beginnings