lunch breaks

Kelsey's bill is expected to pass both chambers of the GOP-controlled state legislature. A Tennessee Republican has introduced
Before you spend another lunch scarfing down food at your desk with your eyes glued to your computer screen, here's some food for thought. Lunch breaks can be important opportunities to recharge, find creative inspiration and make business connections, according to many experts.
Unfortunately, with workplace stress levels on the rise and most Americans doing work-related activities off the clock, many
We celebrate another Labor Day, a national holiday, and how do we remember it? I would like to remember it as some other developed countries celebrate it.
Of the 32 female test participants, half ate alone in an office and half went out for a leisurely sit-down meal with others
If an employee is not allowed to read, listen to music or use heat or air conditioning during a lunch break, can it still
Are we still reacting against the "ladies who lunch" stereotype in an effort to demonstrate to our male colleagues just how seriously we take our jobs?