3. Repurpose Leftovers. A wise fellow mom once gave me this tip: Pack lunches when you’re cleaning up after dinner. That
“Good good hot dogs from New York, and chicken nuggets, and root beer …  [and] on the side, some fresh cantaloupe.” – Aurelia
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One of my friends complains her daughter’s lunch box comes back from school with a considerable amount of uneaten food still
If you're not a fan of coconut, you'll probably argue that I went over the top.
Sally Kuzemchak is a registered dietician and creator of the blog Real Mom Nutrition. Kuzemchak, who has two children, shares her tips on packing nutritious lunches kids will actually eat -- even when you're in a pinch for time.
These snacks are three healthy lunch box goodies that get my kids jazzed about lunch time.
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Though I am a chef, I humbly had to learn that my daughter was throwing away her sandwiches at lunchtime when she was in kindergarten -- and as a busy mom, I had to come up with easy, healthy, delicious solutions.