lung cancer

One patient said she was "shaking and close to tears" after reading the text message.
Long-term exposure to high radon levels can cause lung cancer. These at-home testing kits and fans might be able to prevent it.
The comedian said she will undergo surgery to remove half of her left lung.
Twitter users burn Cigar Aficionado for ignoring a key fact about the radio host's death.
"I was 36, a nonsmoker, an obnoxious consumer of organic green peppers ... but there it was: a tumor the size of a small city wedged smugly in my left bronchus."
The false claims were so troubling that his widow made a plea for people to stop sharing the misinformation.
The actor and brother of Jane Fonda had lung cancer, his family said.
No one can escape the dangers.
A new study focused on the impact of dirty air on those at least 60 years old.