lung disease

Though more than five dozen people have died after using vape products, the CDC says that illnesses and injuries continue to decline.
The stores are the latest to stop selling the products as health officials probe a nationwide outbreak of lung illnesses and deaths.
The company's decision follows a wave of vaping-linked illnesses — and several deaths — throughout the nation.
The move comes amid a national investigation into hundreds of cases of lung illness and six deaths associated with vaping.
There have been three deaths and 450 cases of severe lung illnesses linked to vaping and e-cigarettes, and researchers are more concerned than ever.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a sudden spike in severe lung disease cases connected to vaping and e-cigarettes.
The federal health agency reported 94 cases in 14 states and said the number is climbing.
After 40 years, one birthday gift stops giving.
We count everything that has happened this year as progress, knowing that working together leads to scientific breakthroughs and programs that ease patient suffering. For me, these successes not only help me shake off the blues, but they also fuel my hope that victory is imminent against this dreadful and frightening disease.
Raising awareness about the true health implications, and showing compassion instead of contempt for the millions of Americans struggling with smoking-related diseases, would be even more significant.