Lung Transplant

We learned so much about each other and the power of love throughout my struggles with cystic fibrosis.
HA! I know how that dude feels! Last week we discovered that Randy is having a rejection episode, and has e coli in his lung
On the cusp of the Season of Giving, I thought about writing a very profound and poetic post about my husband's miraculous double lung transplant in September 2013 ... but instead, I think I will skip the poetry and say it straight.
Children freak me out. Now, I don't mean they freak me out in general. They freak me out for very specific reasons. Those reasons have to do with my husband, who had a Double Lung Transplant almost two years ago.
A woman spoke that evening whose son had died, and he was a registered donor. His organs went to seven different people. It was such a moving talk. I was deeply affected by what she shared and her son's sacrifice. It made me think of two things.
The most appropriate thing I can do to commemorate Weston's transplant anniversary is to urge others to be part of a miracle for a family waiting for the life-saving gift of organ and tissue donation.
EPA's action means so much to people like, Judy Weimer, one of our dedicated volunteers and advocates. Judy is a double lung
2013-12-18-201312171499542_10202034595899338_145275351_nthumb.jpgThis past week, I witnessed a true Christmas miracle in the early hours of Dec. 12. 2013 come true for a seven-year old little boy, right on 34th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Palin tied Sebelius' decision to recent scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service's targeting conservative groups and
The lungs rose and fell in a box, as they were supplied with oxygen and a special solution supplemented with red-blood cells
“It is very rare for patients to specify that they do not wish to be considered for clinically healthy lungs from smokers
"Even going out off the floor is a huge deal for him, so he is just so excited," Weston’s mom, Julie, told
COTA, a nonprofit organization, coordinates and organizes fundraising for expenses garnered by transplant surgeries. Their
18 Americans die every day while waiting for an organ transplant, yet the American political establishment has been unwilling to champion non-traditional methods of expanding the organ supply.
Make the check out to: Ronnie Walker Transplant Fund The problem is that rent is hard to come by. If you're interested in