Health experts say vaping can increase the risk of developing COVID-19 complications and spreading the virus to others.
Toxic chemical fumes may be the cause of the mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping.
Doctors were stunned that the curious clot came out of the patient completely intact.
I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and remember, just breathing is a gift. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, so for
New therapies to fix the leakiness of blood vessels in patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses, such as acute respiratory distress syndrome and Ebola virus infections, have the potential to save many lives.
Sarfaty said that the survey also shows that there is interest among doctors to know more about climate change and how it
With CVS Caremark's announcement yesterday that they will no longer sell tobacco products, including cigarettes, at all CVS/pharmacy locations, the company took a bold step. This, I'm proud to say, is a great moment in the fight against tobacco.
Someone that I love dearly and respect greatly was diagnosed with lung cancer. When I talk to people about it, their first response is usually... "I didn't know he smoked." It's a good opportunity to educate people, but I am sure it gets old for non-smoking lung cancer patients.
Whether you plan on exercising at altitude, climbing Mt. Everest, visiting a friend in Colorado, or simply want to make exercise slightly easier no matter where you're working out, here are four tips to help you get the lungs of a mountaintop Sherpa.
If Hanoi wants to really change its population's bad habit, it should do more than edit local films, and it should stop clamping down on information sharing. It should also stop its selling cigarettes.