Sometimes infertility is a reflection of the health care system we put up with.
“You really don't realize how inaccessible the city is until you need it to be accessible for you.”
"I fell from over 7ft and landed on my face," the Australian Sports Illustrated model told her followers.
The singer teared up while being interviewed with her best friend and kidney donor.
Because of you, more people are talking about lupus and getting access to resources and support
"Every visit she goes to, the doctors just can't believe how amazing she's doing."
A rep for the singer confirmed Braxton has been released and is resting at home.
Take care of yourself and your family. After all, healthy families build healthy communities!
The remarks made by Dorothy's doctor made her question her own sanity: Maybe I'm not really sick, she said. Yes you are, her
“I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges.”
This is a touchy subject. It is automatically assumed that when a friend, relative, or loved one is stricken with an illness
When is the right time to tell someone you have a chronic illness?
Invisibility presents extraordinary obstacles and risks depending on who is blind to your illness.