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Recent elections show Trump’s endorsement of Republican candidates spells defeat polls.
Can You Believe? Can you believe Bannon and Trump blaming Mitch McConnell for Roy Moore’s defeat? Or Trump claiming the results
Democrat Doug Jones is facing off against Republican Roy Moore.
Critics accused him of trying to intimidate voters after he pushed for an investigation into people who may have violated a new law in the state.
As calls for embattled Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore to step down grow louder, Republican National Committee decided to pull Moore's funding.
As another woman steps forward with claims Roy Moore sexually assaulted her as a teen, more and more Republicans say the Alabama senate candidate should drop out of the race. But the conservative firebrand shows no sign of quitting.
Here are four different scenarios for Moore and the Republican Party.
Somewhere deep in the heart of Alabama there are voices being raised in shock and agony, echoing that of the Chicago Tribune’s
Roy Moore beat his preferred candidate in Alabama. Now the GOP must answer for Moore's controversial past.
The news is still grim. 1. Chuck Rosenberg, the interim head of the DEA and holdover from the Obama administration, will
"The NFL tweets are still there, of course. Racism is fine. Backing a loser isn't."