The network faced backlash for giving air time to the former Trump campaign manager, a day after he admitted lying to the media.
I don’t feel guilty for declining invitations if I’m sick. So why do I feel ashamed to admit that I’m feeling mentally fragile?
President Donald Trump lied that he was asked to mediate between Pakistan and India regarding the conflict in Kashmir and was quickly called out by the Indian government.
"He encouraged people to lie for him. He lied. I think he obstructed justice,” said the GOP senator — about Bill Clinton.
"The folks you are about to see are not early voters, voters by mail. These are people falsely claiming they went to their polling place that morning."
President Trump has some choice, go-to insults that he uses to attack nearly every media outlet -- except for one.
When is an apology not an apology? When it’s a Donald J. Trump apology.
James Schwab said he "could not fathom working at an organization that was OK with lying to the American public."
Time to come clean. "No, but it's easier for me to think you're joking than to think you believe something that's not true
Indeed, feel free to imbed an estimated Trump lie counter on your website, one that automatically adds one more to Trump's
The Boy was not laughing anymore because he was busy with new construction. The pasture was now prime real estate. The most
We all know that North Carolina's Gov. Pat McCrory hastily signed HB2 only to acknowledge that pre-existing state law discrimination
Welcome to the post-truth era.
The 2016 presidential election demands a new term for lying. It's no surprise that politicians lie. In fact, the word politician
On September 4, 1941, an American ship, the Greer, was attacked by a German submarine. The incident, among others, added
Here's what a neuroscientist knows about people who aren't 100 percent truthful.