lying to children

Maybe try Neil DeGrasse Tyson's cool trick this year?
"Made in China?" A. asks dubiously. She fingers a white tag on Shelf Elf's rump. "I thought he was from the North Pole.
For years, Elmo was a furry guy who existed only on T-shirts. When you finally saw him walk and talk, you practically sh*t yourself.
Unsurprisingly, almost all of the children peeked. The older children were more likely to lie to the experimenter when she
When a beloved parent bends the truth, the child will likely alter what they know to be true about the world. They grow up feeling they can no longer trust their perceptions, denying what they know to be real.
Whatever the situation and justification, lying among parents is, it seems, the norm. The most common: "If you don't come with me now, I will leave you here by yourself," followed by false promises for a toy or other reward in exchange for compliance.
"You want to know what's a fairy tale about Santa?" she said the other night at dinner. I held my breath waiting for the answer. "It's that you have to be good. You can be naughty and he'll still bring you presents."