lyndon b johnson

“Johnson did not win that election; It was stolen for him. And I know exactly how it was done," Luis Salas said.
President Donald Trump suggested that late President Lyndon B. Johnson might be “looking up” at the impeachment proceedings from hell.
The president last month cracked that the late Rep. John Dingell might be in hell. Now he says one of his White House predecessors could be there as well.
Porn doesn't cause school shootings, but blaming America's ills on smut is a well-worn tactic.
For animal lovers and history buffs alike.
House and Senate Republicans are committed to cutting entitlement programs and, in so doing, forcing Donald Trump to renege on a crucial promise to his voters.
Trump handed him a gift, but the Democrats' workaholic-in-chief had earned it.
The president does not seem to understand the health care system he says he wants to overhaul.