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This play is a play designed to heal.
Other winners include playwright Lynn Nottage and theater critic Hilton Als.
Lynn Nottage is working on a play "in conversation with 'Sweat,'" reportedly called "Floyd."
Once again, the New York theatre world has had a banner year, with exciting plays, musicals and revivals on Broadway and off.
Stan (James Colby) oversees the tavern where the characters congregate, with the regulars including Tracey and Cynthia's
he Seventh Annual Lilly Awards on May 23rd, 2016 at Signature Theatre was a rousing salute to women who made significant contributions to theater and activism. It began with a video of a recent protest in front of Dublin's Abbey Theater decrying a male-dominated commemorative season.
Twice this year (but too many times in my career) my perspective as a Black woman was dismissed in favor of a portrait seen through the filter of the White gaze. Regrettably, I have exited Classic Stage Company's MOTHER COURAGE as a result.
I gained rich insight into the playwright's way by reading The Playwright at Work, by Rosemarie Tichler and Barry Jay Kaplan, a collection of 13 interviews with top playwrights including John Guare, Lynn Nottage and Tony Kushner.
"Neighbors" has given rise to countless confusing discussions about race and about art. The play isn't necessarily great art, but it does tap into something raw.
Oprah will star as the madam of a Congolese brothel in an HBO adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Ruined." The
In a world where shocking corruption, violence, and injustice meet stunning generosity, future-making discovery, and a rebellious hope, we need a theater that gives us new ideas, not just a good time.
The Women's Media Center was packed with women active in old and new media, advocacy, and culture.
Four years ago, while I was doing research for my new play I conducted numerous interviews with Congolese women fleeing the armed conflict.