And now six years after Parker's first visit he returned with his friends and their parents so we could all meet those students
The East African country of Tanzania has long been considered an island of stability where chaos appears to reign across the continent, and even its region of East Africa. But emerging concerns will test whether Tanzania can maintain this relative harmony over the next several years.
Photo courtesy Sand River Selous. The camp's five river-facing rooms are constructed out of stone, wood and thatch and the
While Attention Deficit Disorder is a highly over-diagnosed disease, no one had heard of it when I was diagnosed back in 1989 but the Ritalin did really help me pay attention in situations where I lacked a maturity to pull it off on my own, especially school. However, I noticed that years later, I continued to take the drug when going out for fun.
"This is our culture and we shall stand firm against cultural intimidation."
5. Be respectful With Your Attire and Understand the Culture As an example, note that current day Egypt (which I will cover
Photo by Stuart Butler Photo by Stuart Butler I took this picture at a 'cultural manyatta' close to the Masai Mara National
Have you ever dreamt of embarking on a journey to the most remote and mysterious corners of the world? About visiting a place where you can enjoy unspoiled wilderness and meet a real warrior?
Nora de Angelli is a London-based freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker. Until 2011, when she graduated from London College of Communication's University of Arts, with an M.A. in Documentary Film under her belt, De Angelli was an accomplished research scientist.
This December the Maasai Olympics will take place in Kenya, encouraging Maasai warriors to prove their bravery and skill by competing for medals instead of through hunting lions.