A 14th coffee shop, which is not part of the VOCM, remained open. Members of the Maastricht Coffee Shop Association (VOCM
While some hope of a miracle occurring in the coming months remains, so does the question of whether the new Slovenian government is willing to invest enough political capital to push through the necessary reforms before the capital markets decide to lock Slovenia out once again.
There are numerous spectacular bookstores throughout the world, and labeling one "the finest on earth" is subjective at best. But Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen, a 700-year-old former Catholic church in the Netherlands city of Maastricht, is certainly one of the grandest.
Whatever the odds, there was a lot to be said about religion and religious art at TEFAF. In virtually ever section of the fair, there were at least dozens of examples of fascinating works with religious content and themes.
Licensed coffee shops will become "member-only" establishments, and only citizens of the Netherlands who are over 18 will
The city says the legal drug trade is spilling into the streets and drawing unsavory dealers in illegal substances. In Amsterdam
Photo: Loraine Bodewes Hamiltons Gallery, London (stand 713). Photo: Loraine Bodewes Gustav Klimt, Reclining nude with long
The fair is divided into nine sections, each devoted to a different art form, and a team of 168 experts in 29 specialist
I just returned from a short trip to Belgium, my first time there, and let me tell you, it couldn't be more adventurous, intoxicating and sweet. And I mean it literally.