Mac OS X

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Apple has long been known for providing an exceptional user experience. But many might not realize that over the past few years, they've been pushing the infosec envelope, by making advanced security options accessible to everyday users. While not all of these features are new in El Capitan, here are 16 features that Apple has built into OS X that every user has simple access to.
Here is the full list of devices that SyncMate lets you synchronize with: Android, iOS, Mac, Mounted (External), Google (Drive
Windows 8, Microsoft's attempt to be more Apple than Apple, is about to shake up my world and the world of serious gamers everywhere.
The wait is over. After weeks of uncertainty, Apple has announced that Mountain Lion -- the newest edition of its operating
Apple on Thursday surprised the tech world by unveiling the developer-only preview of what will soon be its newest operating
According to the information security blog Defence in Depth, a major oversight in Lion allows any user on your machine (not
1. I use a Mac as my work computer, and a PC as my personal computer. 2. I come from a family of lifetime Windows users (Hello
Apple will let Lion out of the cage on Wednesday, July 20. Apple promised back in June that Lion will bring over 250 new
Apple's forthcoming refresh to its MacBook Air line may up the value proposition for customers through increases to the notebook's
I don't have any inside information about Apple's long-term operating system plans, but I'm starting to wonder if "Lion," the next version of OS X, might be the last version.
As Microsoft did a number of years ago, Apple needs to admit it has security issues and not only provide technology fixes but also education to help its customers understand that using a Mac, while nice, is not all worry-free.
To view some of Mac OS X Lion's new features in action, take a look at the video (below). New multi-touch gestures like pinch
A dream within a dream within a dream within a movie. If you had trouble figuring out what happened in Inception, the baffling
We spend far too much time tinkering with OS X, and over the years we've picked up countless quick tips that make spending
Google has launched a Mac version of its experimental "Chrome Canary" browser. Google's Chrome has been iterating incredibly
Apple will reportedly be adding a "do not track" privacy tool to its Safari browser, enabling users to opt out of receiving