Mac Thornberry

Rep. Mac Thornberry represents a deeply Republican district and has voted in line with Trump over 97 percent of the time.
Multiple GOP lawmakers said they've thought about attacking reporters themselves from time to time.
When the JLENS air surveillance blimp cut loose from its moorings in Maryland and crashed in central Pennsylvania last fall, it raised serious questions about the future of the $2.7 billion program.
Defending the United States and its allies is serious business. That's all the more reason Congress should stop playing games with Pentagon spending. A good place to start would be to put aside proposals to add billions to the department's already ample budget.
The National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, is the book of books when it comes to defense spending. And the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) is the first body in Congress to craft the annual defense bill into what will become passable legislation.
Rather than serving as an exception in a swamp of spending excess, the ending of the JLENS project should serve as a first step towards trimming other needless weapons programs and wasteful practices.
The amendment had been offered by the top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Adam Smith (Wash.), who has tried for years to
Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) will be the kind moderate Democrat the White House will need to convince. “I would say they would
Yet, more than 13 years after the Bush White House and Congress chose their ill-fated course, many of those same leaders
If President Obama and his national security advisers in the administration were hoping that his commencement address at West Point would set the record straight on his view of the world, they will be sadly disappointed by the result.
But opponents had no such confidence, and said that Schiff's proposal would be dangerous, arguing that the authorization
I'm not going to waste one minute trying to work with you. Not because I don't want to. Because you won't work with me. So I have no agenda to present to you tonight. You don't want to hear it. You're not going to vote for it.
Schiff argued that while terrorism may still be a threat, the enemy targeted by the 2001 AUMF is nearly unrecognizable today
Radical statements by Republicans aren't just gaffes; they reflect a cold-hearted, insensitive, mean-spirited, dishonest and ignorant attitude that is reflected in the way that they govern and make laws.
Texas Reps. Carter and Thornberry said in Thursday statements that they were supporting Romney because they believe he can
I'm a bit surprised this isn't getting more attention: Last night, A Republican member of Congress -- Rep Mac Thornberry