A club remix became a dance lesson for the world.
A highlight of our annual tour guides' summit is our international talent show, which turns our living room into a jam-packed
“Wait, they played this at my elementary school.”
Taking on heart disease and stroke -- the leading causes of death in the world -- has become a rite of passage for kids in this Rochester suburb. "One of the first questions the incoming third grade students ask is, 'When is Jump Rope For Heart?'"
Last week, however, Colorado College made national headlines after a video shot by members of the school's ultimate Frisbee club triggered a Federal Aviation Administration investigation. And what was so controversial about the video that it drew the FAA's ire, you ask?
I've long said that one of the things of which I'm most proud is the fact that I've never danced the "Macarena."
This video, which was posted to YouTube in January, begins with a happy couple slow dancing to a Bryan Adams tune that's
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Steven Greenberg is another musician who knows the elusive joy of having that one big moment. In 1980, he was the mastermind