macarthur genius grant

Upon the announcement of the 2016 MacArthur Fellows, let's examine the language we use to celebrate their brilliance.
In a stunning stub, the MacArthur Foundation once again overlooked Steven Clifford in awarding their $675,000 "genius grants."
These are the 24 MacArthur "Geniuses" you should know, including a stem cell biologist, a tap dancer and an economist.
If students are more passionate about three hot, smelly days in the desert than collecting degrees, parents should pay attention -- these kids may be onto something. Let's look at the benefits of attending Coachella instead of going to college at all.
Four black Americans will be among those receiving a no-strings-attached, $625,000 stipend—paid out in installments over
Behind the doors of any given American home there may be someone inside paid to take care of children, an aging grandparent
Read more about all 21 MacArthur Fellows from 2014 here. Bechdel’s choice as a MacArthur Fellow made a splash, however, as
For Jeremy Denk, the tour comes at a most auspicious time. Just weeks ago he was selected for the MacArthur Fellowship. To know the artistry of Jeremy Denk is to understand the principle of the Fellowship.
Hey, I want a MacArthur grant, too! I do good work. I'm interesting. I'm bright. I'm opinionated. I help people. I've written a book. I've even got my own company.