From here, there are plenty of pleasant short hikes - skirting the lake shore to sandy beaches, crossing the savannah past
Gigi the parrot suffered from a rare condition that meant her bill didn't stop growing.
It took two days to get here, via a narrow wooden boat with a very big outboard motor. As the boat weaved up the wide, fast flowing river through a maze of partially submerged trees, I watched one of the world's most diverse biospheres slip by.
In this oldie but goodie, this macaw has a lot to say, and will not tolerate anyone -- or any bird -- stealing the show. Shhhh
PUEBLO, Colo. -- Dozens of exotic birds are being nursed to health after animal control officers found them in a condemned
Although all birds have feathers, some flaunt it better than others! These feathers, which are likely used to attract mates