The United States has extraordinary influence in countries of the Western Balkans (Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo). Engagement
Ask yourself these four questions. Can I criticize my head of state on Twitter? Can I join a human rights group to campaign
"I didn't force anyone to give me money," the 17-year-old told NBC News. "Why is my business illegal?"
By now we've all heard about it. Facebook has a fake news problem, a rampant epidemic of phony and outrageous headlines in which a fraction-of-a-penny-per-click gets traded for lies.
The growing number of metropolitan cities that exceed 10 million people in population and will soon reach the level of 30 million people require clean energy as an indispensable urban-policy planning factor.
To successfully implement these changes, the former Yugoslav republics may need to reconsider their old motto "brotherhood
Among the thousands I saw every day in and around the Idomeni camp at the Macedonian border, I once encountered a young mother
Planned June 5th Elections Must Be Postponed Both the U.S. State Department and the EU issued strong statements against the
The Balkans have become a pivotal region in the refugee crisis that is endangering European stability and security. The flood of refugees exceeded 1 million last year, and is unlikely to recede ― despite the agreement reached by the EU with Turkey on March 18, 2016.
Many migrants and refugees have remained in Idomeni, hoping the border would reopen.