Yosef Neumann was among five people injured in a machete attack in Monsey, New York, that authorities allege was a hate crime.
Zainab takes a journey back home to Iraq to explore how life has changed under ISIS occupation and the U.S led invasion. She meets an Iraqi Mother named Um Hanadi – who leads a brigade of men fighting ISIS.
“Initial indications clearly point towards terrorism,” Prime Minister Charles Michel told the television channel RTL.
Additional items were soon found by Kind and his roommates, including a ceramic or clay pot, which was surrounded by machetes
Machete, which turned veteran character actor Danny Trejo into a leading man, was a wild and wildly violent action-comedy, a spoof of exploitation films of the 1970s. So, obviously, is Machete Kills. How much of a spoof?
Closed circuit TV footage shows a robber busting into the store pointing a gun at the clerk. He fires a shot. The deli clerk then reaches under the counter - and pulls out a machete and chases the would be robber out of the store.
The missing-in-action Sean Coyle rejoins Brian and I for the latest MovieFilm show, and just in time too! We start things
You know the formula... start with all the most kickass, unnecessary scenes from the summer's biggest hit, add epic music