The Kentucky senator stood to be a big loser in the 2016 elections. Instead, he emerged more powerful than ever.
By combining independence, cautious audacity, capacity-building and consultation, ideological heterodoxy, and grasp of the spirit of the times, the Duterte administration can usher in a golden age of Philippine foreign relations. And I do personally hope that he will hire the most capable foreign policy spokespersons to ensure best possible diplomatic communication and avoid any misunderstanding.
The 2 Elizabeths - from Machiavelli to Mentors First the Queen of England. Now the Cornell President. Both honoring Cornell
Psychologists have traditionally looked to the "Big Five" personality traits -- which consist of extraversion, agreeableness
You wouldn't know it from most standard accounts, but what he wrote most was letters -- to friends, acquaintances, and kin
Think of an Arab you've seen in a movie or a TV show. Who are they? What are they doing? How are they portrayed? Are they portayed as human beings who work hard, love their children, with real emotions, flawed, neither saints nor villains--like you and me?
Yes, I still fulsomely reject Cheney's rationale for the first Iraq War. I understand his always tenuous, and now conclusively
As Hamlet is essentially a bloodbath, and as the Bard's tragedies always end with the protagonist dying, as a result of his own bad choices, one doesn't hold out much hope for anti-hero Jax, and others like his Machiavellian mother Gemma (Katey Sagal), surviving the bloodletting.
The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide is a slender but rich meditation on fate. What force directs the twists of our lives -- or are all events random and therefore beyond our control?
Corruption is a byproduct of a person in power, either through money, by way of election, or by force, who is arrogant instead of grateful. In the words of Elliot Spitzer, "hubris is terminal."
I love this picture. I've been showing it in my classes for more than a decade. But why in the world would I -- an activist committed to consistent nonviolence -- appreciate a portrayal of Jesus that is blended with Che Guevara?
The term "Machiavellian" conjures up thoughts of scheming, cunning, narcissism, and tyranny -- not necessarily what women, or anyone for that matter, want to be known for in the workplace. But by routinely dismissing his tenets, are we missing opportunities and not playing the same game that others employ?
Who knows? County-wide districts might actually work. We can all believe in our leaders and hope they have our best interests at heart. But, as usual, follow the money.
Machiavelli plotted to obliterate "this swarm of scoundrels." Perhaps the current governing Cardinals are in conflict how to institutionally cope with two mortal sins, adultery and theft, both of which were cited by Benedict. The true believers of the Church deserve a pure slate.
India is the reason for the existence of what later became the United States of America. Certainly, this bit of history should be taught in every American school.
A professor from the United Kingdom claims to have found the original 500-year-old arrest warrant for famed Italian humanist Niccolo Machiavelli. Professor Stephen Milner from Manchester University said he found the 1513 proclamation -- which he says led to the downfall and eventually to the ignominious death of "The Prince" author -- by accident while doing research in the state archives in Florence, Italy.
Professor Stephen Milner from Manchester University said he found the 1513 proclamation -- which he says led to the downfall