Jean Tinguely: Pandämonium No. 1 - Méta-Harmonie III, 1984. Swiss artist Jean Tinguely's sculptures always have an acoustic
In virtual reality, it is an industry maxim that we design engaging, enjoyable experiences and promote user agency through
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Something big is happening in design and engineering. For all of human history, we have created tools that help us do what
I am convinced that no computer, no matter how powerful, will ever be able to purposefully innovate an artistic breakthrough like Hip Hop; or a commercial one like Instagram. Breakthrough creativity is fundamentally organic, not algorithmic.
John-Michael Parker: I like to think that this EP provides a few snapshots of the multi-faceted Great Caesar sound -- a sound that's actually been in development for quite a while (the origins of the band trace back to high school).
Since Jeopardy!, Watson has become 240 percent faster and 75 percent smaller. Watson can now run on a single server, which is the size of four stacked pizza boxes, onsite or through the cloud. And that's why organizations can start bringing Watson into their operations as an assistant, to help sift through the information they're collecting, learn from that data and how it's been applied in the past, and provide specific suggestions quickly and efficiently.
Are you a fan of the Iconic Oreo cookie without the cream? Do you spend countless minutes separating the 2 Oreo cookies and
So how do we shift from probability to possibility? Surely not with the same part of the mind that directs things now. What we need is a new kind of thinking, and out of that will emerge a new politics -- a wisdom politics.
In turn, Eric Freitas' "No.7" presents a clock seemingly singed down to a skeletal wing, resembling a wounded insect more
Since machine vision is a much more difficult undertaking, artificial whiskers with sensitve electronic roots may be an easier
The less said about the Iowa straw poll the better, actually. Wisconsin could prove to be a much better weathervane in terms of predicting which way the political winds will be blowing, come next year.