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As if there weren't already enough products on the market, things are about to get even more advanced. And personal.
Stealth sweeper says he'll use 40,000 photos for female and male facial recognition training for artificial intelligence.
AI detection Artificial intelligence has been making impressive strides in the past year or so, with a number of medical
Enterprise 4.0 is the next evolution of business. If you consider that there have been four stages of business where innovation
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Conclusion   Mr. Kelly-Bootle sometimes provided extended explanations of the words he defined: I apologize in advance: there
Issac Asimov famously wrote the three laws of robotics way back in 1947: a robot will not harm a human or allow a human to
"The subsequent experience for users is an immersive one: It curates products, highlights each consumer's favorite designers
2. Write the tweet first. Write up your findings in simple language, with clean, compelling visualizations that are easy
To view more finance predictions for 2017, visit the Digitalist. Rodger Howell, Principal, PwC's Strategy&, continued on
There have been several discussions lately around machine intelligence that are started to converge in how they may change
What piece of advice would you share with startups and corporations? Well, for me, consulting and co-founding companies. I
Google have form in this area, as they are already working with the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London to utilize AI in the
Spire TalentSHIP® is primarily a Talent Science Bus. Gartner has placed us in the Talent Science quadrant. Our contextual
What are some of the interesting projects you have worked on in the field of Computational Biology? originally appeared on
I'd say that one of our goals is to catch health-related issues early, before they become real problems, for instance, tracking
As every retailer knows, a brand experience is built up over many interactions with a customer. While we might have uncovered
I'd pick a universally accessible binary classification problem: learning which foods are yummy and which are yucky. Is it
Ten years ago if someone would have said that over half of all adults in the United States would be using Facebook in order to learn about the news, no one would have believed them. Today, however, 62% of adults in the US report getting their news from social media, according to the Pew Research Center.