machine learning

As if there weren't already enough products on the market, things are about to get even more advanced. And personal.
Stealth sweeper says he'll use 40,000 photos for female and male facial recognition training for artificial intelligence.
When the algorithm was put through its paces, it was able to correctly identify the brain abnormality in 73% of patients
Enterprise 1.0 was the industrial revolution born in the late 1800's when automation, such as the automobile was first made
Stable or Likely Growth Areas: 46.9M Jobs Some of the jobs that are likely to be replaced by AI will be white-collar jobs
A couple more from the student: Conclusion Machine Learning Stan Kelly-Bootle Mr. Kelly-Bootle sometimes provided extended
A case in point in the energy and utility management -- Google's recent achievement of the 40% reduction in data centre energy
We owe an overdue acknowledgment to a transformation in technology, as well as a revolution (more about below) in fashion
Here are a few examples, with a conversational hook thrown in: This makes sense; our educational institutions trained us
Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become big industry buzzwords in the latter half of 2016, but as we move
Conversely however, if machine intelligence can automate ordering, displacing, photo editing, travel bookings, advisory and
It’s a treat to talk to Dr. Mallick who works in image recognition, object detection and tracking, automatic document analysis
The last few years have seen a number of fascinating case studies that have used machine learning to produce medical diagnoses
Spire TalentSHIP® is primarily a Talent Science Bus. Gartner has placed us in the Talent Science quadrant. Our contextual
What are some of the interesting projects you have worked on in the field of Computational Biology? originally appeared on
I'd say that one of our goals is to catch health-related issues early, before they become real problems, for instance, tracking
Predicting Demand Like most areas of our life touched by technology (are there any that aren't - none come to mind ), the
Is it a vegetable? I've skipped the details of how we actually come up with the weights and cut-off in the linear model, or
Ten years ago if someone would have said that over half of all adults in the United States would be using Facebook in order to learn about the news, no one would have believed them. Today, however, 62% of adults in the US report getting their news from social media, according to the Pew Research Center.