Yo marcho porque elijo creer en la humanidad. Yo marcho porque como una mujer indígena morena, voy a luchar con todas mis
"Being a man is about challenging the script that was handed down to us."
Chile is supposed to be the most developed country in Latin America, so that's why is so unbelievable what happened last
It's a tug-of-war. Trump and his fellow Neanderthals are trying to pull us back to the Mad Men era. It's up to us to pull
Naila Amin paints a picture of a village near the mountains, of cows lazily ambling through the fields that surround it, of
your uncle comes over on a Wednesday night and tells you a story about how your youngest cousin broke up with his girlfriend
The GOP has indeed been waging a war on women since the Reagan years. Campaigning against Hilary Clinton, Trump will amplify that contempt and make the GOP's misogyny cruder and more vile than any of us can imagine right now.
"We do live in a patriarchal society, and it is pervasive in Latino culture."
The fact remains that LGBT people are only properly portrayed in a staggeringly few novelas. The majority of the melodramas simply fail the LGBT community and larger Latino community with either two-dimensional, frequently disparaged LGBT characters or a world simply not inhabited by LGBT characters at all.
When I realized I couldn't just decide to change who I was, I acted out against myself. I became anorexic, unconsciously
Last week, a study was released on attitudes toward women in Brazil. In a shocking revelation, the majority of those interviewed agreed that "women who wear clothes that show off their body deserve to be attacked." Activists turned to social media to express outrage and to challenge this way of thinking.
When I was a child, my father once yelled at me, "Grow up and be a man!" That statement echoed in my head all throughout my life. Be a man! But what is a man? If I liked football more, would I then be a man? What is masculinity?
There are men involved who still exhibit violent behavior, and there aren't enough resources to handle the overwhelming demand for individual psychological attention. But changing attitudes and practices prove that it is possible to unlearn machismo.
I was there on the day he sold an airplane he flew every day, maintained every inch of, recovered, put new engines in, for
Julio acknowledges that although machismo has been a big part of the society around him, this model is changing. Fathers
The percentage of women occupying senior positions in Indian businesses is on the rise. The number of female in senior management