Our loved ones are being shamed for the same struggles that celebrities receive endless support for.
The rapper's new album, Gemini, is released today, calls for social progress, justice.
The rapper's Mercedes was hit by a pickup truck on Friday night.
The singer celebrated the country's first LGBT national park site.
"It's like Bill O'Reilly's show, except the segments have much snappier endings," Manafort explained.
The singer says everyone else asked to sing the song's chorus turned it down.
I love our president, his passion and I appreciate his proposal to heal the epidemic of opioid abuse, but I believe the bigger picture goes beyond treatment centers and expanding scope of practice. We need to assist our patients from the inside, the roots, only then can they truly begin to heal.
First, I would like to thank most of you for finally accepting gay men and the rest of the LGBT community. It's hard to believe that just 20 years ago -- even 15 -- many of you told us we were sinners and deserved to die of AIDS.