Mad Max Fury Road

Mnuchin had always been a democrat, aligned with George Soros, before signing up with Trump. He had even before associated
HH: George mentored me through a veterans organization and has been an immense help in developing my craft. Over the years
Before Chris Rock said "Good night," he said "Black lives matter." Mom said, When the nominees for Best Makeup were announced
The Oscars were mostly predictable with few big surprises and Best Picture winner and major contender Spotlight winning only two awards, the first time since 1952's The Greatest Show on Earth.
Our panel of experts break down some of the night's biggest questions, surprises, and moments.
Pineapple Inside Out Cake dotted with Bryan Cranberries, Jennifer Jason Jujubees and Brooklyndor Truffles served a la mode
This year, I saw every one of the 31 nominated feature films and 15 nominated shorts. Here are my random comments on most of the categories.
Films that try to positively impact the world and films that entertain may not be so disconnected after all. In fact, to hit it out of the park with audiences the two may be inextricably linked.
Best Actor BEST BET TO WIN AND SHOULD WIN: The Revenant's Leonardo DiCaprio - finally. MAJOR UPSET POTENTIAL: Bryan Cranston
Since Oscar is the premiere entertainment award, it is useful to look at how being nominated and winning contributes to the success of all those involved in making and distributing the movies being awarded.
4. When In doubt, refer to the Bechdel Test Here are five tips to assist your writing of the next great female protagonist
Serious, disabling illness often transfers responsibility for a body from the person who inhabits that body to the people