"For the last four and a half years or so, we have been dragged through the wringer, and it is completely exhausting," the man behind Madea said.
The preview arrived shortly after Tyler Perry announced he was retiring his grandma character.
The entertainment mogul's feisty granny character has made him a fortune.
Tyler Perry's granny character seems like the perfect fit "to work for somebody they can't stand."
The character has been a tool to promote progressive messages to underserved audiences.
The fear that a love story featuring two Black actors is not engaging, believable or desirable is very real, and one that still defines the mindset of many studio executives, casting agents and producers.
As with every Madea movie, the focus of the film is on her. She has her outrageous moments but her heart is always in the
Although Hollywood is finally recognizing that black audiences do indeed exist, the trend has confused and confounded plenty
In Temptation, Jurnie Smollett-Bell plays a dissatisfied marriage counselor working in a millionaire match-making firm under the supervision of CEO Janice, played by Vanessa Williams. In our sit-down, the actress revealed her thoughts on what makes a healthy marriage.
As a man who grew up in an urban environment that is now attending college at a fine Ivy League institution, I would like to let you know that I am not aspiring to become the controlling, manipulative and reckless psychopath that you continue to depict such men of color in your films.