Darrell Brooks, 40, stripped off his shirt, sat with his back to the camera and stuck a sign he’d been given to signal objections down his pants before court proceedings began.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that a woman may cite sex trafficking as an immunity defense at her trial for killing her alleged trafficker.
The proposed bill would prohibit anyone from performing or attempting to perform an abortion if a fetal heartbeat is present unless the pregnant woman’s life is in danger.
David Kruchten, 38, has agreed to plead guilty to one count of attempting to produce child pornography.
Republicans in Wisconsin may have lost the governor’s mansion, but the GOP-controlled legislature is doing everything it can to limit the role of incoming governor-elect Tony Evers.
The "General Hospital" and "All Eyez On Me" actress addresses her experiences with violence and how they factored into her latest role.
Critics say the measure is unconstitutional and "basically gags and bags the First Amendment."