Madison Cawthorn

The anti-Trump Republican accused Cawthorn of seeking fame over actually doing his job.
One of Trump's top candidates lost his primary and the "Late Show" host shows why.
The "Late Night" host said it was a "rare treat" to watch Republicans take down one of their own.
The North Carolina congressman, who lost his primary bid Tuesday, joked about Cheney's removal as chair of the House Republican Conference in 2021.
The Republican congressman has been at odds with GOP officials in both North Carolina and in the U.S. House.
"DON'T EVEN pretend you care about Veterans," a veterans group hit back at the extremist North Carolina Republican.
The far-right congressman introduced a bill to require the CDC to include aborted fetuses in death numbers and rates.
"The Daily Show" host unfurled a funny take on the far-right lawmaker's latest embarrassment.
The GOP congressman said the NSFW clip of unknown provenance simply showed him "being crass with a friend."
The member of Congress "has been collecting scandals like Steve Harvey collects those pinstripe suits," joked the "Daily Show" comedian.