Madison Cawthorn

Cawthorn pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after his loaded gun was found last year in his carry-on luggage at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
North Carolina Rep. Chuck Edwards currently has "no way of knowing" which constituents need help, he said in a statement about his extremist predecessor.
The House Ethics Committee found the departing congressman financially benefited from a cryptocurrency that he was promoting and violated conflict of interest rules.
“Our young men are taught that ... being a soft metrosexual is more valuable than training the mind, body, and soul,” the soon-to-be-former congressman claimed.
Outgoing Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is using his final weeks in office to pledge his allegiance to Donald Trump.
The lawmaker who once spoke of GOP cocaine orgies makes a strange new comment about the ex-president.
The far-right Republican, who lost his reelection bid, is also being investigated for promoting “a cryptocurrency in which he may have had an undisclosed financial interest.”
“He was a rising star in our party and we need to make sure we retain that seat,” McDaniel told Fox News.
“Hi Rep. Boebert — Ask Rep Cawthorn about us. We look forwarding [sic] to getting to know you," American Muckrakers PAC wrote in an ominous tweet.
For Republicans who didn't have his back, "their days are numbered," Cawthorn warns.