Madison, Wisconsin

The teacher allegedly attacked the student after she sprayed perfume that bothered his allergies.
Bryan Rogers of Madison, Wisconsin, is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.
The botched trim made the victim look like Larry from the Three Stooges.
Newly leaked guidelines also instruct priests to ban the surviving partner from even being mentioned during the service.
“We were initially hoping to send 200 pounds of cheese, but the donations kept pouring in," says a spokeswoman.
About halfway through a 3,755-mile road trip from Orlando to Seattle, I had a little reality check. It happened a few minutes
It never hurts to remind yourself of the things and people you value.
“People who believe in freedom, justice and the humanity of all people are the majority, and we’ve had enough.”
In some peaceful corners of the country, life moves at a slower pace.
On Thursday, July 3, on the eve of a long Fourth of July holiday weekend, Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge landed a sweetheart deal: a provision in the 2015 Wisconsin budget that will serve to expedite permitting for its controversial proposed Line 61 tar sands pipeline expansion project.
Standing near a memorial of candles and balloons to Robinson, Carter said his family was concerned about "systematic targeting
3. University of Wisconsin contributes in a lot of ways. UW is a big school with almost 40,000 students, a NCAA Division
A joint effort between activists and homeless residents, OM Build hopes to complete the next phase of the project -- six
Matt Tucker, the city's zoning administrator, said legal occupants are the only ones who can use storage facilities on a
Football in Madison creates a shared connection between generations that began for me on the plane ride from LaGuardia airport and continued as I checked in to my hotel.
The most magical of all gifts, however--that which I so desperately strive to recreate--is the sense of belonging I have to this city and its people. Nowhere else is mine the way those homes have always been. No doors propped so perpetually open, no isthmuses idly beckoning me back.
Here in Madison we rehearse and we perform. Each day I plead for my son's life to the parole board in the presence of the