Joana Sainz García was stuck by a pyrotechnic projectile during a light show at a music festival in Spain.
Police in Spain have arrested a man who allegedly recorded videos up the skirts of more than 550 women & girls.
Spanish police called the suspect “one of the biggest predators of women’s privacy."
Have you “herd” the news? “Wool” these sheep make it through the streets of this busy city?
Jimena Madrid, whose cries for help brought attention to the Trump administration’s policy, is now back with her mother, Cindy.
A woman allegedly hit the victim twice with a beer bottle and said, “I don’t want black people in this place or in front of me.”
The fight against climate change is no longer a matter of grand strategies, a matter of the agendas of large and seemingly
The annual No Pants Subway Ride began in New York as a prank from the comedy troupe Improv Everywhere. Now, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.
Puigdemont also said he was not seeking asylum in Belgium.
It's one of the biggest pro-unity rallies amid Catalonia's independence crisis.
The government voted to strip Catalonia of its autonomy less than an hour after the region declared independence.
Carles Puigdemont said he had not received enough guarantees that the move would stop Spain imposing direct rule.
It is the first time since Spain's return to democracy that the central government has used its powers to seize control of a regional administration.
Instead, Carles Puigdemont made a “sincere and honest” offer for dialogue.
The prime minister's move could deepen the confrontation between Madrid and Catalonia.
Metro stations were closed in Barcleona as state workers walked out across Catalonia.
News is here and so is the weekend. Booyah (that’s still a thing?)! 1. Catalonia will hold a referendum vote on October 1st
Small, autonomous states are shaping their own futures without interference from capitals.