Mads Mikkelsen

"Men & Chicken," which Denmark submitted for last year's Academy Awards to no avail, is both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar
With an appropriately bloody and dashing full moon finale came the close of three amazing seasons of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, hands down some of the best television ever made in the history of the medium.
Fuller did give some hope though that the series could possibly return one day, or at least that we may be invited to another
I spend every single day of my life painting - there is no day when I'm not being creative. Art is what makes this planet beautiful, and yes, it's a shame that artists live lives that are mostly unrecognized and underpaid - if paid at all. But this is my purpose.
Yes, I do realize that a TV show only plays once a week and that in itself shouldn't render one incapable of doing the chores
For the first time in TV history, horror on the small screen rivals (and often surpasses) big screen horror in terms of acting, story, cinematography -- and viewers. 2014 finds American television in a coming of age for horror series.
How does one politely decline eating one's own flesh? You don't if Hannibal the Cannibal is chef.
Fredrik Bond's Charlie Countryman is an intriguing directorial debut: a blend of the madcap and the maniacal, a movie that mixes tones in ways that shouldn't work but do.
Shia LaBeouf can't keep still. That's what stands out when you meet the voluble 27 year-old star of the new indie thriller-romance Charlie Countryman.
While Season 1 undoubtedly focused on the "bromance" between Will and Hannibal, Fuller told E!Online that Season 2 "is the
Masculinity is a key driver of the plot. This is a town where men hunt, are given guns before they shave the first down off their cheeks, have families and do everything to protect them. This is a patriarchy of vast bearded men who drink and fight and kill.
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Hannibal is a monster, of course, but Mads Mikkelsen's performance and the show's great writing for the character limned a portrait of a very human monster, one whose terrible actions begin in a somewhat understandable place.
Although the show made headlines when NBC pulled an episode following the Boston Marathon bombings and again when an NBC
In a short introduction for the webseries, Fuller explains that they've "cannibalized" the fourth episode because, "as the
Though Hannibal pointed out that most would believe Abigail was simply defending herself, "There would still be those who
Mads Mikkelsen is reason enough to watch this show. He's phenomenally charismatic as Hannibal Lecter.