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Isaiah Stannard's Sadie was inspired by a baby brother’s birth to tell his mom he identifies as a boy on the NBC series.
The now 28-year-old shares her advice with the next generation.
Graham's adaptation of The Royal We could be the 'Parenthood' reunion we've been waiting for.
Magic happened this weekend at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas when Lauren Graham's two TV daughters finally
Too hot for one role, not hot enough for the other and I say: MAKE IT STOP. Hot is not a cup size, a waist measurement or a perfectly symmetrical face... hot is confident, strong and willing to take chances.
"Independence Day 2" is set to hit theaters in June 2016, a full 20 years after the original film debuted. And with Bill
It was early 2008 when Mae Whitman got this mysterious call from her voiceover agent, Melissa.
It might not have been as shocking as this week's The Good Wife, but by Parenthood standards, this episode was downright Hitchcockian. With more twists than Adam's dance moves, "Fraud Alert" played with our emotions like no other.
Despite last week's glimmer of hope for Joel and Julia, now we're right back to square one and separation frustrations reach an all-time high. Meanwhile, Drew and Amber continue to be the cutest siblings ever, and Max breaks our hearts into a million tiny pieces once again.
Drew and Amber's love lives have been in shambles on "Parenthood." Together, they're trying to get over deep loss and love
Erika Christensen, Julia Braverman-Graham Erika Christensen has been acting for over 17 years. She made appearances in '90s
When will the break be over? They want to know. Julia doesn't have an answer and neither do we. This limbo has to end.
Last week, Parenthood left the internet shaking its collective fist at Joel, the most heartless man alive, and this week's episode is full of the people we love continuing to make decisions we hate.
The separation that no one thought would actually happen but is somehow still a thing is at the heart of Parenthood's post-Olympics return.