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Magazines have gotten a major makeover over the years.
So where is the magazine cover going next? What is the future? Bloomberg Businessweek is doing it as well. In 2013, it launched
Peretz was known for making inflammatory statements about minorities, including references to the supposed cultural and characteristic
Though 2014 proved to be another troubling year for the print industry, Americans remained as transfixed by magazine covers
"When they think they're getting dirt, we give them vegetables," she continued. "Which is kind of what 'The Daily Show' does
Time, Bloomberg Businessweek and Wonderland all jumped on the T.Swift train this week. But which magazine did it best? Taylor
As Cooper pointed out, last year Corgan had a cameo in a WWE-themed commercial for a Chicago furniture store, and he's been
See more from Gugu Mbatha-Raw's "Women in Hollywood" cover story at After Mbatha-Raw's breakthrough performance
Consider the ante upped: Kate Upton is Elle UK's September issue cover girl. The model has racked up plenty of summer covers
As an Israeli-American fashion journalist, I'd like to view the latest Cosmopolitan cover as a fleeting symbol of optimism and momentary sanity, a celebration of two countries I belong to now.
Vogue capture the 31-year-old star for its July issue in the enchanting city of Marrakech. Nyong'o looks stunning for the
We as a society need to stop looking skin-deep and need to actually dive deeper into ourselves and in our culture and find and listen to people who are changing the way things are done but aren't being heard.
And the cover is nothing short of a celebration, with her new green 'do and a multi-colored minidress (totally channeling
Well, that's reassuring to hear from a Brazilian model. "In Brazil, it's all about the butt. Some girls naturally have the
What's better than a beautiful day spent by the ocean? A beautiful day that includes Charlize Theron and Vogue, of course