Maggie Hassan

They want to determine if Giuliani firm's $1 million contract with the DOJ as he represented OxyContin company resulted in "unduly lenient treatment."
A Congressional intern who yelled ‘f**k you’ to President Trump in the Capitol last week is suspended
The woman will keep her job in Sen. Maggie Hassan's office, however.
It would prohibit airlines from dragging you off a flight. Hopefully.
As I started to dig into the election results, I became convinced that not all was lost. There were several definitive rays of hope. These women entered the Senate, and yes, they were all Democrats, and some were women of color.
As the frantic final hours tick away, here are some last-minute recommendations.
The spot says Sen. Kelly Ayotte's contortions prove the depth of her political calculation.
Are you looking for a nonpartisan voter guide for the Kelly Ayotte vs. Maggie Hassan Senate race? One that will give you
She took it back, but the comment is going to haunt her until Election Day.
Races in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire are well on their way to costing more than $100 million each.
In a state which may vote blue this November, Ayotte goes to great lengths to sound independent, almost like a Democrat. But is she?