Maggie Q

Maggie Q retweeted Penn’s post, writing, “We aren’t white so we needed a classification.”
It's a three-way tie this year. Congrats?
WildAid, the San Francisco-based wildlife conservancy organization that has helped roll back hunting and trade on endangered species in the last decade, held a celebrity fundraising gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, and raised $2.5 million dollars in a single evening.
Maybe there's enough dystopian teen book/movie money to go around, but not for a movie as nonsensical, poorly written, and dull as Divergent, which clocks in at a punishing, baffling 140 minutes.
This right here, this lovely, beautiful lady, is Maggie Q, just in case you didn't know. She's in "Divergent" with our dear
Maggie Q., star of the TV series Nikita, and Mililani High graduate, has made an appeal on behalf of less fortunate animals set to be killed Christmas Eve Day at the Hawaiian Humane Society pound.
Check out the trailer above and get ready for the this six-part series finale to go out with a bang. The CW has released
Spoiler Alert: Do not read on unless you've seen the Season 3 finale of "Nikita," titled "Til Death Do Us Part." Owen's (Devon
Though there was plenty of action in this week's "Nikita," the episode still felt a little akin to the calm before the storm, allowing us all to take a collective breath before delving headfirst into the final three episodes of the season.
Although Season 3's earlier entries were more self-contained, to enable new viewers to jump on board, "Nikita" has been on an unbroken hot streak since "Intersection," raising the stakes and ramping up the action with each new installment.
That was already there for all of the main characters, because obviously we’re doing this to get everybody on the right track
Now that Division is no longer government funded, I'd imagine that will present its own set of problems ... Yes it does. It
I feel like introducing the tech for Michael's hand is a believable step in that direction. Yeah, we’ve had some tech and
Things are about to get even messier on "Nikita." Michael's loss continues to drive the narrative momentum, but it's clear that things are being teed up for something even bigger.
[For this campaign], I said, "I don’t want to tell people how they’re living is wrong." If you give people the facts, then
Last week, Owen and Michael had a pretty heated conversation. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that Owen
It was a pleasure to see two such well-crafted episodes in a row, and it seems as though Michael's situation will create plenty of compelling conflict and character growth for a number of our characters over the next few episodes.
Anything else you can tease in broad strokes about what's coming up later in the season? You’re going to see a lot of Amanda
This week's "Nikita" left me torn -- while there was a lot to love about the episode (Isaiah Mustafa! Crazy Amanda! Badass Sean!) there were also a few moments that felt jarring at best, and irritating at worst.