Maggie Rizer

We were lucky enough to sit down with Maggie while she prepared to make her return to the runway and open one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season -- Michael Kors.
When we arrived in San Francisco to pick up our dogs we drove to the dark cargo terminal and on arrival in the hanger were
The model, 33, and husband Alex Mehran are expecting a baby boy in November, Rizer announced on her blog. Read more on
One of the most memorable shows and parties of the Fashion Week season was undoubtedly the Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet Launch.
For more, head over to Bea Makes Three. 1- leave the dogs less 2- shop more, I think it's good for your soul - and the economy
From where I'm sitting I can see the side of Michael Kors' face. He is, of course, wearing sunglasses, even though it's as dim as Heidi Montag in here.
Update (2/12): Rizer told The Cut that she didn't dye her hair because of Wintour: "It was sooo strange when I opened the
Charissa Craig-Jordan, seen with the always obliging Marcus Jordan, chose the intricate earring option as well. That was
After the concert, in typical Clintonian manner, the empathetic former president warmed the room by bowing to and hugging the lead violinist. The gathering focused attention on the real reason behind the celebration -- raising money for the fight against AIDS.