Mice twice fell onto the dining table and scurried into a dishwashing area in April 2018 at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison.
What happens to this pizza is terrible. You have been warned.
Two pounds of maggots can eat four pounds of food in four hours. 🍪 🐛
Botox is old news. Try maggots for swelling lips!
Man allows maggot to grow under his Skin, then films the moment it wriggles out
NBC News reports that the bug was removed and the ear healed within two weeks; however, the case was so unusual the doctors
2012 has been a wild ride on the streets of Los Angeles. Melrose and Fairfax is proud to present 20 of our favorite shots for the Best of Los Angeles Street Art 2012.
We're getting pretty exhausted by all the crazy fried fair food this year, but lucky for us, now we've moved away from batter