Magic is real for these women, and they say one of its most potent forms -- sex magic -- can alter our lives in powerful ways.
Dynamo has previously hit the headlines for appearing to levitate beside a London double-decker bus and walk on water across the River Thames.
The "Jurassic" star does more than string the audience along with his magic.
Yet another school has tried to ban the beloved series. But we should want kids to experience the joy of a good book.
Haylin Belay uses her magic rituals to heal from past trauma and to find an inner power in a society that often doesn’t value women of color.
Anderson earned three consecutive Emmy nominations for his work on the show from 1985-1987.
"Vegas is awesome! Oh my god, it's so cool! You never know what you're going to get. I bring a lot of people on stage during
Tripwire Interactive's franchise is a long-standing favorite, so fans have been curious to see how the studio would interpret
At long last, we are ready to discuss Jan Fabre himself. Along with the other journalists who went to Saint Petersburg, I
There's something very special about VIZ Media, and the people who work for them. Not only have they catered to my addiction
When you think about Vegas magicians, you think about guys with bad toupees in tuxes, wheeling around showgirls past their
Bodine Balasco It was at that time, when he was uncertain what he would do next with his life, that he first saw a professional
In 1912, his act reached its pinnacle, the Chinese Water Torture Cell, which would be the hallmark of his career. In it, Houdini
How did your interest in magic start? I was pulled out of a hat. Others might say I was destined to be a magician. That it