Magic Johnson

The falsified photo that circulated across social media actually shows the Lakers legend getting his blood drawn by his doctor.
Magic Johnson has stepped down as president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers in order to return to a more simple life.
The basketball great looked back with regret at the shock jock's notorious appearance on his talk show in 1998.
Cookie Johnson, wife of basketball legend Magic Johnson, stops by HuffPost Live to discuss her denim line, CJ by Cookie Johnson; her HIV/AIDS activism; and more.
The Democratic mayor responded to backlash over the NFC Championship game photo, claiming there was “a zero percent chance of infection" from COVID-19.
Florida candidate Lavern Spicer made matters worse with her response to a sarcastic comment.
By publicly quitting his L.A. Lakers post before telling Buss, the team owner, Magic Johnson undermined her authority.
Johnson didn’t directly tie his decision to the future of Luke Walton, but the third-year coach was widely expected to be fired by Johnson.
The Los Angeles Lakers president gives Jimmy Kimmel an inside look at how he signed the superstar.